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   The Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA) is a soccer league incorporated to provide competition for youth teams.The league is an organization of affiliated clubs. These clubs have voting power to elect league officers and amend the constitution and bylaws.MNJYSA is one of fifteen youth leagues in New Jersey.
Through the State organization, the New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA), the leagues, clubs, and players in MNJYSA are affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). The USYSA is the youth division of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The USSF is the National Governing Body of soccer in the United States and represents the US with the world governing body of soccer, FIFA.
The game is played according to the FIFA Laws of the Game.Within the FIFA laws, we have made changes to the substitution rule. For the younger players, there is a shortening of game time and a reduction in ball size. Otherwise, we play soccer virtually the same as it is played in any nation in the world.
Only affiliated players may play affiliated players, anywhere in the world, in every tournament or friendly match. This imposition is the means of keeping everyone in the family. If a player, team, or club is found guilty of an offense and given a punishment, there is no way to escape to another team, league, or country.
There are seven regions in the league, with a Regional Vice President heading each region. The Clubs in each region interface with their Regional Vice President regularly through League Contacts appointed by each Club. Club officers and coaches must communicate with the league only through their League Contacts.
The league games are played in the Fall and the Spring. Before each season, MNJYSA arranges game schedules and flights for the upcoming season.
In the Spring season, the flight winners continue into playoff games with other flights at their level to produce a division champion.In the Fall season there is not enough time to go into playoffs before the winter weather arrives. Therefore, co-winners are honored in each flight if there is a tie. Medals, plaques, or trophies are given to all members of the flight winning teams.
The league offers an extensive Select program.This program is for any player in the league who wishes to play a more competitive level of soccer during the off seasons.
In season, there is the Fall Select and Spring Select program. The league organizes dedicated soccer players into teams for intra-league games.This program is for players in Divisions III, IV, and V. The number of games to be played is flexible. The teams play each other and often have friendly games against regular teams in MNJYSA.
Details on the various select programs can be found in the "Select Team Handbook." That Handbook is distributed to individuals involved in the Select Program, and may be obtained by others from the League Select Director.
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